Quick and Easy DIY Zara Inspired Pom-Pom Sweater


Take that sweater in the back of your closet from plain to pom-pom! This fun DIY will allow you to participate in the latest pom-pom trend without breaking the bank.
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Whether I’m getting dressed up for a party or wanting to add a little fun to my winter wardrobe, I’m loving the pom-pom sweaters that are filling the stores right now. I love any little detail that can take a sweater from an everyday item to a more noticeable statement piece—and how much more gratifying is it to achieve the look at home?

No need to break the bank for this fun trend—let’s take that sweater from plain to pom-pom on our own!

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DIY Pom-Pom Sweater

Pom-Pom LightWorkers Sewing

Photo by Ana Elliott/


  • sweater (any sweater that you don’t mind altering)
  • 1-inch pom-poms. You can use any type, but I used these.
  • needle
  • thread in the color of your sweater
  • sewing pins (optional)


1. With the sweater right-side out, place all of the pom-poms on the areas you want them. This is a good way to have a preview of what your finished project will look like, so don’t skip this step!

Pom-Pom LightWorkers DIY

Photo by Ana Elliott/

2. If you want your pom-poms to match exactly, go ahead and pin them into place on the sweater. If you’re looking for a more random design, you don’t have to pin the pom-poms before sewing.

3. Turn the sweater inside out. With your needle and thread, begin sewing the pom-poms on, one by one.

4. When sewing on the pom-poms, take your needle straight through the middle of the pom-pom for the best results. Tie the thread in a double knot to secure the pom-poms into place and clip the ends.

5. Find a party and show off your new sweater!

Pom-Pom LightWorkers Sweater

Photo by Ana Elliott/

TIP: You can place the pom-poms just on the arms of the sweater (like I did) or all over. You can even embellish right around the neckline or the hem of the sweater for another fun look. Get creative!



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