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Uplifting YouTube Channels That Will Improve Your Life


YouTube is the future of video entertainment, but it’s hard to know what channels are safe for the family. Check out this rundown of uplifting channels that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your life.


In an ever-changing media landscape, the rise of self-produced YouTube content means that anyone can pursue film production and there’s likely someone speaking about niche topics on YouTube that never would have made it onto traditional network television.

The amount of time people spent watching YouTube on their televisions has more than doubled this past year. Young people, in particular, have an appetite for this new media. For millennials, two-thirds of premium online video watched across devices was on YouTube.

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With such a wealth of creative and niche-specific content on YouTube, here are some of our favorite uplifting channels:

1. Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw, aka Kitten Lady, wins YouTube for consistently delivering the most adorable possible content. Constantly opening her home to care for neonatal foster kittens, Kitten Lady helps find kitten adopters, while simultaneously educating other kitten foster parents with practical tips to help kittens in need.


2. Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez first rose to online prominence after her viral TED Talk. Living with Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome, Velasquez’s medical condition affects her physical appearance, resulting in extreme bullying throughout her childhood. In response, Velasquez has emerged as a motivational speaker, author and YouTube vlogger. As a woman of faith, she exemplifies that what the world perceives as our weaknesses may actually be our greatest strengths.


3. Zach King

Zach King first gained online fame for performing fast and fun magic tricks on Vine. Eventually, he transferred his optical illusions over to a YouTube channel. A graduate of Biola University, King is compassionate and generous to support various ministries. His videos primarily appeal to younger viewers, so gather the family for fun magic tricks.


4. Q Ideas

How can we position our life’s work for the good of others? #QWeekly

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Q stands for questions. Q regularly produces conferences that feature talks on a wide variety of societal topics. While Q often features Christian thought leaders, they also do a beautiful job of presenting a broad spectrum of perspectives. Q doesn’t presume to know the answers. They simply create a safe place to wrestle with the questions that emerge within the Christian faith.


5. Dry Comedy Bar

The owners of Dry Comedy Bar established their comedy club in conservative Utah. They seek out some of the most prolific stand-up comedians they can find, however, they prepare the comedians to clean up their acts before taking the stage. They won’t publish any video on their YouTube if it’s vulgar or offensive. As a result, this YouTube channel consistently features silly-silly-fun-time jokes that are creative, hilarious and safe for the whole family.


6. The Adventures of Marcus & Kristin

Part of what makes YouTube great is its ability to let the viewer peak into the lives of everyday people around the world. Marcus and Kristin Johns are Christian newlyweds who invite you into their regular life. They’re adopting puppies, buying their first home and going on vacation. Each a successful social media star in their own right, since marrying each other, Marcus and Kristin prove impossible to take your eyes off of. You just want to be best friends with these guys as they work to build their family together.


7. John Crist

For SURE wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons cause Homer drank beer…

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As a stand-up comedian, John Crist is the real deal. He shows up regularly on Comedy Central and shares the stage with some of the world’s most famous comedians. However, Crist is distinctly Christian and happy to point out the humor within the Christian culture we know and love. We all love to poke a little fun at ourselves, right?


Whether you love kittens, comedy, uplifting speakers, family vloggers or silly optical illusions, YouTube aims to please. Subscribe right away to these inspiring channels and rest assured that your YouTube playlist will be entertaining and safe for the whole family.