Steven Furtick: ‘Your Current ‘Scene’ Is Not the Whole Story’


Steven Furtick powerfully takes us to church, reminding us not to judge our story by its current scene.

Some seasons in life are almost too much to bear. Some come to steal, kill and destroy—others to make us stronger, more sure-footed, wiser. Steven Furtick powerfully reminds us this Sunday that our life’s story is far greater, far more important, far grander than the current scene of the story we find ourselves in.

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Furtick states, “I call the scenes the story, but the scene is not the story. And this is good news, Christian leaders.”

“Because if you don’t like the scene that you’re in right now, it’s not the whole story.”


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He continues, “This is just a scene… [tell] somebody, ‘This is not my story. Because I know how my story ends. I’m not confused about the difference between who I am and what God spoke and what I go through.”

“For I’m convinced that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed. So the glory that will be revealed weighs more than the discomfort of what I’m going through, than the awkwardness of this stage of development.” Furtick instructs us to continue declaring.

“So, don’t judge your story by the scene.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Yes and amen!