Have You Ever Seen a Pug’s MRI Scan? It’s Terrifying


A sweet innocent pug looks completely different in an MRI scan. Actor Andy Richter took a photo of his friend's pug—the image went viral.


Pugs are the cutest furry friends. But this picture of a pug’s MRI scan will shock you. Huge bulging eyes and an oddly shaped skeletal mass will keep you looking!

Ever wanted to take a look inside your beloved pet. Here it is! Actor Andy Richter took this picture of his friends pug. The MRI scan went viral. People were in awe of the odd shapes inside this cute pup.

Pugs naturally have flat faces and wide eyes. Due to having a history of selective breeding sadly, these cute creatures can come with a myriad of health issues. But this breed of canine is also known to be extremely loyal, funny and affectionate.

Pugs are the cutest, even when an MRI might show otherwise. Actor Andy Richter captioned the photo, “My friend’s pug went to the vet.” A silly MRI of man’s best friend thankfully reveals a clean bill of health for this little guy.