Widowed Father of 7 Left in Tears After Receiving $10,000 from Stranger: ‘Christmas Came Early’


This humble widowed father of seven in Idaho received a surprise $10,000 dollar Christmas gift that left him overwhelmed with emotion.


Dakota Nelson has seven children and was recently widowed after his wife’s passing. A local news channel in East Idaho presented Nelson with a check and gift cards that amounted to $10,000 in donations! What an incredible act of service from anonymous donors.

Nelson works three part-time jobs to take care of his family. He was very emotional in receiving the gift. His wife passed away after she suddenly stopped breathing. Nelson attempted to resuscitate her, but it was too late, she passed away while in a coma.

Dakota’s family was incredibly thankful. The loss of a parent is never easy. This now single dad has a lot of responsibilities and challenges coming ahead.

This gift comes at the perfect time, it is the kid’s first holiday without their mother and Nelson’s without his wife. Generosity can truly change the world, let us remember to love one another and help a family in need this Christmas season.