Why SoulCyle and CrossFit Are Becoming the ‘Go to’ Churches for Millennials


SoulCycle provides a physical, mental & spiritual experience where instructors effortlessly transform their classes into beacons of positivity, self-love, encouragement and community.


 “Your purpose is found in the struggle”

“I am Powerful. I am Prepared”

“What you stand under in your life is what you see. If you stand under anger, fear and resentment, that’s what you’ll see. Choose to stand under hope and faith”

These are just a few precious morsels of wisdom I’ve heard while dripping sweat, pedaling to the beat of the music, while clipped into the signature SoulCycle bike.

SoulCycle is so much more than just a 45-minute cardio workout. It’s also a mental and spiritual workout. The instructors not only push you physically, but also effortlessly transform their classes into beacons of positivity, self-love, encouragement and community.

If you don’t know about SoulCycle – SoulCycle, founded in 2006, is an indoor-cycling fitness company that currently has 90 studios in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their mission is simple and transcends physical fitness to bring Soul to the people. It’s a space to find a physical, mental and musical experience

As told by David Zint —father, husband, motivational coach and Master SoulCycle Instructor —“the workout is always secondary. It’s about the let out or the let in and the workout is merely a conduit for that. There’s a magic, a faith, a higher power, a grace that works on everyone’s behalf in that room when we show up for and with one another rather than in any sort or race or competition. We are all in the ride together and we are all in life together.”

Exercising with a community has been proven to have many benefits. Recent studies have shown that people participating in group exercise report significantly lower stress levels and increased physical, mental and emotional quality of life, while those who work out individually only show an increase in quality of life.

SoulCycle functions on the idea that fitness should be fun; aiming to create an experience that you actually look forward to and where you connect to other people. You’re encouraged not to view others in the room as strangers, but as teammates. Instead of competing with or comparing yourself to others, you’re encouraged to lean on those around you for strength while simultaneously inspiring those around you, not with a perfect performance, but by pushing yourself to your limit.

We are meant to do life together, in community. Zint describes the benefit of working out with a community as “joy and momentum in the pack. I always say we don’t just get stronger WITH one another we get stronger THROUGH one another. Someone else’s faith in that room is also your faith. Someone else’s freedom in that room is also your freedom. The connections and friendships and unity in that room allow us to realize that we are all linked and not ranked!”

Exercise and physical fitness are such important factors in both physical and mental health. Beyond the physical, exercise increases your mood, improves your reaction times and improves your ability to shift and focus attention. Finding a community and space that uplifts you during your exercise routine is an added benefit. It promotes accountability and motivates you to make the time and space to commit to the next class by turning exercise into an “I GET to” experience, rather than an “I HAVE to” experience. 

“What we do collectively far outweighs what we can do individually.”  – David Zint, Master SoulCycle SoCal Instructor

So, the next time you plan on signing up for a workout experience I highly recommend you consider SoulCycle. You’ll be joining a community led by talented instructors dedicated to delivering on SoulCycle’s undertaking to provide a total mind-body experience. Zint explains his purpose and assignment as a coach as a “mission to create a safe space where everyone feels welcomed and supported and loved. A community of inspiration, motivation and a home where everyone is supported and connected with one another to find the absolute highest versions of themselves.