Why Did Jesus Have to Raise from the Dead?


We can celebrate the redemption Easter brings every day by returning to God. Without the gift of Jesus on the cross, we cannot fully experience redemption and new life.

Easter comes at a time of the year when new life is abundant. Springtime brings with it a new appreciation for warmth, the sun and the life that blooms around us. It is all too appropriate that Easter is celebrated during this time, as Christians accept the gift of new life that Christ offers to us as a sacrifice of Himself.

One of the key concepts of Easter is the message of “redemption.” Redemption is defined in a few different ways and the Easter story has a promise of redemption that fits both definitions.

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The first definition of “redemption” is “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil.” It is clear how this fits into the story of Christ saving the world from sin by dying on the cross. The second definition is a little different. It is “the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.”

Why Did Jesus Have to Raise from the Dead?

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The truth of the gospel message is that we cannot gain possession of redemption on our own. We can never fully pay back the debt of our sins. However, we are redeemed only because of God’s gift to us–His son, Jesus Christ.

Easter is personally one of my favorite holidays. I always find it a time to return to God and remember His great love. While Christmas is a time of celebration and gratitude for the Lord sending a King to the earth, Easter is when His ultimate gift was completed. The weekend begins with Good Friday when Christians mourn for the loss of the Savior. I can’t help but think of how the disciples must have felt at this time, how much anguish must have crossed through their minds and bodies at the sight of Jesus’s death. On Easter Sunday, though, a time of great rejoicing is apparent.

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As Christ vanquishes death and the grave, so He sets us free from our sin and the hold that the grave threatens to have on us if we let it.

Each day has the possibility of redemption. We don’t have to wait for the Easter season to remember the blessing Christ has bestowed upon us with His blood. Christ makes all things new–including us. He conquered the grave so that when we confess our sins, we can return to Him as new creatures each morning, filled by His love and saved by His grace.