The Bible Asks, ‘Who Will Rise up for Me Against the Wicked?’


As Christians, we are called to stand up against evil in our daily lives. In order to take a stand for good and justice, we need to have friends that will have our back when we do so.  

It can be easy to stay silent in the face of opposition.

Too often, we consider the lie that our opinions on important subjects don’t matter. Our modern day culture perpetuates the myth that evil does not exist in order to be more politically correct and welcoming. While this is well-intentioned, readers should feel comfortable calling out bad behavior when they see it happening. This can happen in a variety of circumstances that are not always obvious when they are in front of us.

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Whether when witnessing unethical practices happening at work or within relationships, it is important to take a stand and speak up when we see people behaving in unhealthy ways. Having a support system is another way in which to ensure that we have the courage and ability to speak out against wrongdoing when the time comes. When we have a community with similar values to turn to for advice in these situations, we go into battles with an army behind us.

The Bible Asks, 'Who Will Rise up for Me Against the Wicked?'

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Standing up for what is right can be difficult to do in a professional setting. However, even among friends, it can be challenging to be the one to defend a person—or an idea about which you feel strongly. This is why it’s important to watch how your friends react to scenarios in order to know if they will support you when you take a stand.

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The truth is that evil takes root slowly over time and if we don’t fight for good in our daily lives, we may not be ready when something of greater magnitude comes into our path. Taking on the defense of justice in the little moments trains us to be able to do this when we have to make decisions that may affect many more lives.

Injustice takes place amongst us every day. While it may seem as if we have no role to play, we can make a difference in the little interactions we have. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to stand up for what is right and will have your back when you do so.