WATCH Touching Reunion: Mother Reunited with Kidnapped Daughter


This orangutan mother was forcibly separated from her baby but was able to be heartwarmingly reunited thanks to the help of rescuers.


Clara, the orangutan, and her baby Clarita reunite. Watch this touching video from Orangutan Jungle School, a rehabilitation for orphaned orangutans being rescued, treated and put back in the wild.

Clarita was said to be kidnapped by a dominant male. Since the separation was long the mother-daughter reunion was more complicated. There is a high chance that Clara, could reject her baby.

The staff comments ‘The mother can reject the baby when the baby smells different.” The mother can also starve the baby as a sign of rejection. The park rangers were waiting expectantly in the video to see the outcome.

The heartwarming video shows their initial reunion. It was a success! Clara receives her daughter and even gives her milk. Staffers comment “Clara was looking at her child as if she was glad, happy to be seeing her child again.”

The park rangers lovingly affirm Clara, “Clara, I’m not taking your baby, she won’t be taken away anymore. It won’t happen again. She’s yours, Clara.”