‘God Told Me to Give You $100’: Walmart Cashier Stuns Family Living Paycheck to Paycheck


A Walmart cashier who helped a family of five pay for their groceries says her faith inspired her to commit the good deed.

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Shaminique Dasant, a customer service manager at a Walmart in Columbia, South Carolina, told WLTX that Ashley Jordan was the first customer she helped when she signed onto a register one Saturday night.

Jordan and her husband, Michael, had two full carts of groceries, along with a crying 1-year-old baby, Dasant said.

Jordan wrote on Facebook that it was another “dreaded shopping trip” for her and Michael. The couple’s youngest daughter was “fussy” and “just wanted to go to sleep,” the mother said.

“We literally dread going to Walmart and buying groceries period because my husband’s whole check goes to food for our family,” Jordan wrote.

Jordan said that while usually the cashiers don’t engage much with the customers, she noticed that the person who was helping her, Dasant, was “very friendly” and mentioned that they must have had a big family.

Dasant said a voice inside inspired her to help the family standing in front of her.

“As we’re scanning and scanning, she got in front of me and it’s like I saw a different face on her,” Dasant said. “And I just had like a little man on my shoulder that was like, ‘Give her a $100 dollars. Give her $100 dollars.’”

Jordan said she was sifting through her wallet, trying to count all of her money, when Dasant told her, “You guys look like you need a blessing tonight.”

Then, Dasant went around the register and slid her card, telling Jordan, “God told me to give you $100.”

“And she said, ‘What? What? What are you talking about?’” Dasant said.

Jordan assumed Dasant was simply giving her a coupon, she said.

“I then looked at the total and I was at a loss for words,” Jordan wrote. “This sweet woman whom I never met in my life paid for half of my groceries! I was in complete shock because I never expected anything like that to ever happen. Me and my husband were just staring at each other like is she serious?”

Jordan said that her past experiences at Walmart have not been entirely pleasant because of how “rude” the employees can be. But, her perspective has changed.

Jordan asked for a photo before they left the store, Dasant said. The photo, along with Jordan’s account of Dasant’s act of kindness, went viral. When Jordan and her husband got in the car to leave, they “just looked at each other and smiled,” she said.

“At that moment we both knew things were going to be OK because there truly are good people out there,” Jordan wrote, calling Dasant a “blessing.”

“Thank you so much Sharnique Dasant you truly are a blessing and you will never realize how much you helped us out and how much faith you have put back into our hearts,” Jordan wrote.