‘All Glory Goes to God’: Virginia Basketball Star Puts His Faith First as He Heads to NBA


Kyle Guy, a former University of Virginia Cavalier, and NCAA National Champion, was selected 55th in the 2019 NBA Draft last week and is giving all glory to God!

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Lindsay Elizabeth

Kyle Guy, a former University of Virginia Cavalier, and NCAA National Champion, was selected 55th in the 2019 NBA Draft last week.

In a trade deal done on draft night, the Kings acquired him from the New York Knicks, which launched Guy’s professional basketball career.

“Mannn feels good to be a King. Really excited for a new career in Sacramento,” he wrote on twitter.

Back in April, Guy shared that he was declaring for the 2019 NBA Draft and hiring an agent to help him get drafted.

Guy gave all the credit to God, tweeting, “every last praise and all glory goes to God.”

How did Kyle Guy get here?

Although Guy won Most Outstanding Player honors during the last Final Four, he was never a shoo-in for the NBA draft pick. He entered the draft, unsure of the outcome, but confident in his abilities.

“If you shy away, that’s when anxiety will come and haunt you,” Guy told USA Today. “I won’t shy away. Being secure in myself, my faith, my family, I’m not going to be afraid of anything.”

Guy has been vocal about his faith in the past, crediting God with all of the glory in his life.

In 2018, the University of Virginia lost in the tournament to UMBC, who was seeded at 16, opposed to Virginia’s no. 1 seed.

The loss was devastating to brackets, but even more devastating to the players. Guy was particularly impacted by the loss and completely devastated by the outcome.

“Really, that loss made me become closer with my fiancée, my family, God, and it helped me open up to everyone,” he told USA Today.

This past season did not get any easier for Guy after he dealt with both an injury and a shooting slump in the tournament. Yet, the team still made it to the Elite Eight. After an overtime win, Guy was asked how he overcame everything that took place over the course of the season, to which he credited God.

“With my faith in the Lord, and my team,” Guy responded.

The reporter then asked how the Virginia team that Guy played on will be remembered, and he recalled the devastating loss from the year before, point out the motivation it came, instead of a faulting point.

“We can do anything we put our minds to,” Guy added. “We’re making history. We made bad history last year; we’re making great history this year.”

Not only does Guy use his platform routinely to point all glory to God, but both of Guys Instagram and Twitter bio’s include the phrase “I AM THIRD,” referring his faith in God.

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