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Our Top Viral Good News Stories of All Time


Today, we are continuing our first birthday celebration with a few of our favorite "37 Seconds of Good News" stories from the last year. Grab the tissues, it's time to happy cry and do a round of celebratory clapping. The world is a beautiful place!

1. Over 2.1M views—This Master Sergeant surprised her sons at school

2. Over 1.7M views—Bet you haven’t seen a fridge like this before

3. Over 1.5M views—This dancer is helping people with disabilities dance

4. Over 1.5M views—Meet the bride who was surprised by a very special wedding guest

5. Over 1.5M views—Meet this committed labor and delivery doctor

6. Over 1.2M views—Meet the Deputy who helped deliver a baby

7. Over 1M views—Meet the young men mowing lawns for free

8. Over 1M views—This boy has new hands thanks to a breakthrough surgery