Victoria Osteen, Alex Seeley on the Importance of Women in Ministry


Women in ministry can propel a ministry forward in ways that you people couldn't even imagine and Victoria Osteen, along with Alex Seeley, are making sure the church is reminded of that.


Victoria Osteen is co-pastor with her husband, Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. They reach millions through their Night of Hope events, books and television programs every week. She knows the value women add to the pulpit and shares from her experiences as a woman leading in ministry.

Osteen recently shared with the Christian Post, “I do see more women taking the [leadership] role, whether they’re with their husbands as co-pastors or women who speak a lot at women’s meetings. Women who are really going to take their influence, with good responsibility, and steward that well.” Women like Christine Caine, DawnChere Wilkerson and Bobbie Houston are some of the many powerhouse Christian speakers with global impact.

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“When Joel’s father passed and we became the leaders of the church, it was kind of something that was already inbred in us, we had already seen it played out. That’s when Joel said to me, ‘You know when you do your part, then this whole thing is going to come together and the church is really going to grow’ Osteen continues. “I knew in my heart that God wanted me to minister alongside my husband and I knew in my heart that he needed me to be his best cheerleader and so we were never in competition.” She added, “If it’s up to me, I think Joel’s the greatest so he’s got it covered but I know that he needs me to be at my best.”

Alex Seeley co-pastor of the Belonging Co, in Nashville Tennessee shared, “In the five short years of leading that church, seeing the beautiful display of women in ministry has been a sight to behold and I think people are getting a hold of it.”

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“We need to have both voices, just like in a healthy family, you have a mother and a father raising a family and helping out,” Seeley affirmed. “I think you need a female perspective of the heart of God.”

God has a specific and beautiful purpose for women in the church. We have a needed place as prophets and teachers to the next generation. Let us keep uplifting one another without competition, and continue to see Christ’s kingdom come on earth.