First-Grader Uses $600 Life Savings to Send Coronavirus Care Packages to Seniors


This first-grader decided to help by spending his life savings of $600 to help take care of those vulnerable to coronavirus during this time.


A first-grader named Cavanaugh Bell from Gaithersburg, Maryland used his life savings of $600 to help those that could be vulnerable to the coronavirus. He had saved money from two birthdays and three Christmases and spent it all on this act of kindness.

Instead of spending it on a PlayStation or new game, this brave 7-year-old decided to make COVID-19 care packs for the elderly. Bell and his mother handed out the canned goods and supplies to those in need. His donation also paid for 31 hot meals to senior citizens and small businesses in the community.

Bell shared with FOX 5 DC, “My grandma is my best friend, and she walks to the grocery store every day. So I thought she shouldn’t be walking to the grocery store because it’s coronavirus season.” Bell started his philanthropy at age five with his nonprofit called Cool and Dope. He also wants to eradicate bullying and youth suicide through social action. What an inspiration!