URGENT: Help to Save Jaiden, Boy’s Skin Turning to STONE!


Jaiden Rogers suffers from a rare and rapidly progressing connective tissue disorder called Stiff Skin Syndrome that turns his skin into stone! YES…STONE! He is the 41st documented case ever in the world, and the only active case in the world today.

Jaiden Rogers, adopted son of Tim and Natalie Rogers, suffers from a rare and rapidly progressing connective tissue disorder called Stiff Skin Syndrome that turns his skin into stone.

“Jaiden Rogers’ skin condition is so rare that his case is the 41st case to have ever been reported. Just three years ago, his parents noticed some spots on his skin were hardening and now more hardened spots have spread to other areas of his body,” reports The DailyMail.

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Jaiden’s family shared that “Spots have recently appeared near his spine. The once-hyperactive Jaiden is often confined to a wheelchair and no longer able to attend school. Every day the pain from the disorder grows worse. Jaiden understands that he is sick as much as a 13-year old boy can, although he cannot fully grasp the intent of the sinister syndrome branching out just beneath his skin.”

URGENT: Help to Save Jaiden, Boy's Skin Turning to STONE!

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“Because there are so few recorded cases, there is no playbook as to how to treat it. As aggressive as Jaiden’s calcifications are growing it’s likely the disorder will spread until he experiences total paralysis or his chest wall collapses where he is unable to breathe. Left untreated, Jaiden will become entombed inside himself and die!”

Jadien and his family need our help

His family is urgently asking for help funding life-saving treatment for Jaiden via GoFundMe:

We have exhausted all help in the United States, costing the Rogers over $500,000 of their own retirement money and they also had to take out a 2nd mortgage on their house. Just recently, the family had to quickly pick up and move the family across the country to Georgia, as the high altitude in Colorado made breathing too difficult for Jaiden.

The family is now left with one last hope for Jaiden, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We need to get him to Europe to try a special stem cell treatment specifically for rare skin diseases. Without this treatment Jaiden’s skin will continue to harden and he will start to deteriorate and die. He is our whole world!

The cost of Jaiden’s treatment alone is $1,000,000. The family needs to raise $500,000 by May 31st, 2019 in order to be admitted into the treatment program. There will be no deadline extensions. We have to find a way! Please consider helping with a donation (no amount too small) and sharing the story and website address ( amongst your social media channels to build awareness about Jaiden’s urgent journey! We appreciate all your support!

We have gotten questions about why this treatment is so expensive. One would think there are foundations for this sort of thing. You have to keep in mind that Jaiden is the only one in the world that we know of with this condition. There have only been 41 people in the whole world EVER to be diagnosed with Stiff Skin Syndrome. Medical companies don’t make a profit off of rare diseases. Therefore, money isn’t being used to find a treatment for this condition. It is left up to the parents to pay this money to care for their children. So when you have to reach out for help on your own, it is VERY expensive.

We encourage you to pray, spread the word and, if you can, donate today!