‘It’s Been a Challenging Weekend’: New Update on Hillsong Worship Leader Who Suffered Brain Aneurysm


New updates have been released on the condition of a Hillsong worship leader who suffered an aneurysm while leading at a Sunday service in Sydney, Australia.

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Will Maule

Chelsea Taylor remains in hospital, some three weeks after undergoing emergency surgery to repair the ruptured blood vessel in her brain. Despite making some incredible and “miraculous” progress, Taylor remains under 24/7 medical supervision.

“It’s been a challenging weekend and the recovery journey takes time,” Chelsea’s friend, Emma Fellers, wrote in an Instagram update. “Chelsea had to have another mainline inserted, but tubes and drainage got removed! Three weeks since the aneurysm—It’s tiring and she just wants to go home… Chelsea has been able to be more active again, like doing trips to the bathroom, which is great!”

Fellers, who has been posting regular updates about her friend’s condition, added that the doctors were no longer prescribing heavy medication.

“The docs have also finished all the strong medications, so it looks like she may go to High Dependancy Unit soon!” Fellers wrote. “She is still continuing with antibiotics but hopefully not for too much longer. Please keep Chelsea & her family in your prayers as we believe for a full recovery and strength & grace for the moment!”

Last week, Fellers noted that her surgeon had given her “the all clear,” after the medical team managed to get complications arising from the aneurysm under control—she had been suffering from vasospasms in the brain, which were causing an array of symptoms.

Hillsong Creative pastor, Cass Langton, previously told Faithwire that doctors were “cautious” in the aftermath of her aneurysm, adding that her medical team were going to “watch her for a while as there’s a possibility for a second bleed.”

Taylor is clearly responding well to treatment, but could still do with some supporting prayer — do keep her in your thoughts as she recovers.

We will keep you posted with any further updates.