Trump Vows to Fight for Christians: ‘I May Not Be Perfect, but I Get Things Done’


In the midst of many opposing him, President Trump speaks to those he believes got him elected, reminding people of his “promises made, promises kept.”

Love him or loathe him, President Trump definitely has a way with words and was able to concisely articulate why he has the support of many across this nation, “I may not be perfect but I get things done.”

This might also be why he has the support of many evangelical Christians, according to an article in LifeNews.

Thousands of Christians attended a recent rally that was held in Miami at the Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús. The article stated it was because of Trump’s “promises made, promises kept,” that support for the President remains despite the mainstream media’s continued opposition to him.

We’re also defending religion itself, which is under siege.

It’s also because of the promises Trump has kept regarding issues that are very close to the heart of conservative Christians across this country—such as the curbing of religious freedom in this country and its pro-life stance on abortion, to name a few. A point that the President was unsurprisingly eager to highlight to his assembled supporters over the course of 75 minutes.

He stated that Christians, “have never had a greater champion—not even close—than you have in the White House right now. Look at the record,” Trump urged. “We’ve done things that nobody thought was possible. We’re not only defending our constitutional rights, we’re also defending religion itself, which is under siege.”

Trump was also quick to point out the alternative, “Our opponents want to shut out God from the public square so they can impose their extreme anti-religious and socialist agenda on America.”

Perhaps Trump just knows how to play to a crowd—which he does—and perhaps he also knows who got him in office and just how he’s going to get another four years. Either way, this nation’s President is convinced he’s being given a helping hand from above.

“In 2016, evangelical Christians went out and helped us in numbers never seen before…I really believe we have God on our side…or there would have been no way that we could have won,” Trump told the crowd. “People say, ‘How do you win? You don’t have the media. You have so many things against you.’ And we win. So there has to be something.”