Top Health Trends for 2020 That You Need to Know About


Common health trends for in 2020— everything from what's happening with AI and Virtual Reality to sober curiosity.


1. AI and virtual reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital wellness are booming in the tech and health world. The growth of personalized medicine and AI offers more trends in personal diagnosing, treating and preventing various health conditions through information gathered from large data sets. For example, by answering some questions on some health websites, you can be directed to therapists, doctors or given treatment options based on your answers.

AI and virtual reality are also growing in the fitness sector with offering personalized workout—or recovery—routines based on various health indicators. Our phones, smartwatches and computers will continue to offer ways to track information as they attempt to connect us to the best health provider, exercise or treatment tailored to your specific needs.

2. Wellness experiences

Based on travel data from 2018, wellness experiences are one of the top trends for travel. Wellness experiences intertwined with travel continue to be a growing trend for 2020 and beyond.

Wellness experiences can be hyper-focused, intentional experiences meant to improve wellness mentally, physically or emotionally. It could be anything from a weekend yoga retreat to a spa trip at the Iceland nature springs or a culinary journey through South America. Whatever wellness experience you desire, it is being offered!

3. Diving into nature

With most of us spending more and more time staring at screens, the relief to get away from technology continues to be a trend many are looking for. Urban dwelling is vastly growing worldwide, and people are feeling the need for space and getting back in touch with nature. Spending time in nature may have been a common occurrence for you growing up, but now spending time in nature usually entails much more planning and possible travel.

Many wellness experiences have at least some component of diving into nature, but even if you aren’t looking for a full-on wellness experience (or can’t budget one right now!), spending time in nature away from all the daily stress can be therapeutic. Just keep in mind a lot of other people will also be looking to dive into nature, so you may have to be creative or brave to really embrace depths of nature for true seclusion if that is what you are after.

Diving into nature on the food scene will also be a trend with botanicals and edible florals according to New Food Magazine.

4. Sustainability

Making sustainable food choices continues to be a growing importance for many people around the globe in 2020. Movements such as zero waste packaging and sustainable farming practices are growing priorities for many consumers. 

For example, Whole Foods suggests farming techniques like composting, crop rotations, fair trade working conditions and avoiding overfishing species are practices that will continue to advance with food companies and requests from consumers looking for these practices. 

5. Plant-based alternatives

Plant-based foods have been growing in demand in the past years. Sustainability, concern for animals, personal health or other reasons are contributing to more people trying to cut down on meat. Almost seventy percent of Americans are trying to eat more plant proteins. In 2020, Whole Foods predicts you will continue to see more plant alternatives such as plant/meat blends (think beef mixed with pea protein), an increase of hemp/mung/chia/pumpkin and other seeds and an increase of algae varieties added to foods.

What you may see less of in 2020 are soy-based plant alternatives as more people are looking for alternatives to meat and soy.

6. New sugar alternatives

Most Americans are still getting too much sugar in their diet despite growing knowledge that too much sugar may increase the risk for weight gain, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, many people don’t want to up their intake of artificial sweeteners found in diet soda or other sugar-free foods.

The on-going trend for still enjoying sweets without the downsides of table sugar continues in 2020. The emergence of more natural sweeteners from monk fruit, pomegranate, dates and even possibly from sweet potatoes will be on-trend. 

7. Less alcohol

Often referred to as “sober curious”, in 2020 you may see more mocktails and less alcohol trending in the health and restaurant scenes. In fact, many bars are embracing the sober movement and offering more alcohol-free options. This may largely be due to Millenials, as this demographic tends to be leading the sober curious movement.

While cutting back on alcohol can be good for a number of reasons, just keep in mind choosing a mocktail when you are dining out can still add on extra sugar and calories quite quickly if you are not careful.