Tony Hale, We Need More Men like You in Hollywood That Do This


You may recognize Tony Hale from his superstar television roles, but we know he’s the real deal off screen too. This is dedicated to honoring his integrity and thoughtfulness in all arenas of life.


Dear Tony Hale,

In 2003 as the cult following started to build for Arrested Development, you began to win your way into the hearts of America with your masterful depiction of Buster Bluth. Your quick wit and hilarious capacity to lean into all things self-depreciating earned you even more adoration as you embraced the role of Gary Walsh on Veep.

While we love watching you on-screen, it’s your integrity when the cameras are off that most impress us. In no particular order, here are some of the things we love the most about you:

You Make Us Laugh

Your talent as a comedian is apparent from the moment you enter a scene. You hilariously commit to your roles, embracing physical comedy with brilliant precision. It comes as no surprise that you’ve won two Emmys for your work on Veep. Keep us giggling and we’re sure more awards are headed your way.

Tony Hale, Kuddos to Your Integrity and Thoughtfulness

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You Support Christian Artists

You regularly speak openly about your faith in Christ, discussing it with outlets like Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today and Q Ideas.

In the entertainment industry, staying true to your faith is no easy task. You recognized this and created a ministry for other artists called “The Haven.” Explaining the importance of The Haven in an interview, you said, “we had met a lot of people who were artists whose faith was important to them, but they maybe weren’t necessarily supported by their church back home, or they weren’t supported by the Christian community with what they were doing.“ The fact that you took initiative to support other Christian artists? It’s amazing!

You Wrote a Children’s Book

In 2014, in partnership with Tony Biaggne, you wrote a children’s book entitled Archibald’s Next Big Thing. You recognize the importance of reading and you brought this delightful story into the homes of kids all across America.


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My buddy recently wrote a children’s book… And it’s finally out! #archibaldshere #woot

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You Love Your Family

You’ve been married to your wife, Martel Thompson, since 2003. Together, you’re raising a beautiful daughter named Loy Ann. You’re a loving father and you take your marriage vows seriously. In Hollywood, it can be hard to find a genuine family man. You shine with love for your wife and daughter, inspiring those around you.


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Happy Happy New Year from me and my favorite little one.

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You Are an Inspiring Philanthropist

There’s no end to your philanthropic work. You’re deeply committed to seeing an end to modern-day slavery. Your work as an abolitionist in support of International Justice Mission and the End It Movement is incredible.

Additionally, you bring your comedic gifts to help with a wide variety of great causes. We regularly see you doing amazing charitable work elsewhere:

Your authenticity shines through as you consistently prove to be one of the most generous and philanthropic actors in Hollywood.