WATCH: TLC Singer’s Emotional First Meeting with Man Who Led Her to Jesus


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Billy Hallowell

R&B star Chili of famed girl group TLC says that she has returned to her faith in recent years after watching live stream videos from a preacher whose messages inspired her.

In fact, Chili, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas, flew to Nashville Tennessee, to personally meet Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts Christian Media Ministries and to thank her “hero” for guiding her back to faith.

Chili and Batchelor met at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, an annual gathering of Christians in media, ministry and communications. She told the Christian Post that she had wandered away from her Seventh-day Adventist faith during her music career, but that she has rediscovered her Christianity over the past few years.

That reconnection came, in part, from watching Batchelor’s live stream videos. Chili took to Instagram to share a photo with Batchelor and to explain her excitement over their meeting.

“CANNOT believe I just met my hero and Pastor, Pastor Doug and his lovely wife Karen!!!!!” she wrote. “Thank u Jesus!!! and Thank u @enchantedpr for this moment. I will never forget this.”

It seems Batchelor was also moved by the encounter, with the pastor posting his own video from the meeting on Instagram. He explained how the two came to meet at the convention.

“We were called last week by Chilli one of the lead singers of an R&B pop singing group called TLC,” the pastor wrote. “She said she had been watching the Amazing Facts programs for years and they changed her life. When she heard that we were in Nashville she flew from Atlanta so she could meet us here at the conference.”

Batchelor called Chili a “very sweet person with an amazing testimony.”

It’s wonderful to see such a well-known and iconic name in music return to her Christian roots. And the influence of live streaming video on her life shows that technology does indeed hold the power to connect us to the gospel.

(H/T: Christian Post)