Tim Tebow Shares Sneak Peek of His New Christian Film About God’s Love


Add Producer to Tim Tebow's many talents. In just a few weeks, Tebow's new Christian film "Run The Race" is set to release, sharing the beautiful message of God's enduring love.

In theaters on February 22, Tim Tebow’s “Run The Race” tells the story of two desperate and determined brothers trying to overcome heartbreaking adversity.

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Tebow, who produced the film with his brother Robby Tebow, had a singular aim in making “Run The Race,” to share the love of God. A theme that Tebow has never shied away from talking about, “we don’t understand how to love until we understand how much we are loved.”

In “Run The Race” two brothers navigate the tragic and devastating loss of their mother, forcing them to reconcile with their alcoholic father who abandoned them. Determined to find a way through their circumstances, one obstacle after another leaves the brothers with a life-altering choice: will they press into God’s unwavering love and guidance or run from it in hurt and anger?