Tim Tebow on Saving Himself for Marriage, Faith Film ‘Run the Race,’ Baseball with Jimmy Fallon


Tim Tebow film producer, philanthropist, baseball athlete and now fiancé, has had a busy year. He opens up to Jimmy Fallon about life as an engaged man and his upcoming faith and ministry projects. 


Tim Tebow recently went on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk wedding plans, his forthcoming faith film and his charity work. In this fun interview, Tebow also invites Fallon to his first baseball game if he gets signed to the Mets this year. It’s been quite the year for Tim with his recent engagement to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. He also shared about his recent Night to Shine event, which celebrates special needs children, making them feel like royalty by hosting a grand prom for the kids.

Tim shares how his marriage proposal happened at his family farm in Florida. He even surprised Demi with their favorite South African artist to sing one of their favorite songs while proposing. He said he gifted her a South African diamond ring because “she is my South African diamond.” He also made sure it was an internally flawless diamond to which he told Nel-Peters, “this is internally flawless, just like you.” The couple is also vocal about waiting for sex until marriage, wanting it to be special for both of them.

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Night to Shine also happened this month with over 200,000 volunteers putting together a special needs prom extravaganza for over 100,000 attendees. This worldwide prom for individuals with special needs hosted a total of 655 proms around the world in 24 countries, making for an international fiesta! Tim says the kids were treated like celebrities at each event, with a proper red carpet roll out. “I believe in God’s eyes they are the VIP…we know what it’s like to be celebrated, but a lot of the time they’ve never been celebrated,” Tebow explained to Fallon. We admire Tim for spreading God’s love around the world through this initiative.

Tim is also producing the Christian film Run the Race with his brother Robby Tebow. The film is about the story of two brothers overcoming their mom’s death and dad’s abandonment, with faith and courage. They are brother athletes that face seemingly insurmountable odds. Tim hopes to inspire young people that face harrowing life situations to persevere and run to the love of God.

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It’s been a busy but great year for Tim. It is amazing to see him use his platform for God’s glory. We wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

Learn more about how to get involved with Tim’s foundation “Night to Shine” here.