This Valentines Day: Make it Gal-entines Day with These Fun Ideas


Your relationship status doesn’t matter this year… celebrate the Valentine season with your best friends! Here are great ideas for Gal-entines Day.

A fresh four months after our wedding day, I found myself somewhat miserable. I had a new (amazing, mind you) husband, a new job, a new city and a brand new apartment. I even had new pots and pans, despite not knowing how to use them. What could I complain about? Life was great, but what I hadn’t acquired at that point were new friends.

My husband and I quickly learned the secret to my personal health and a happy marriage: I needed some besties. Try as he might, he just couldn’t replace my former roommates’ late-night ice cream meetings, or our themed Christmas costumes (pine trees!). Nicole wasn’t around to accompany me to the gym to get a smoothie and not work out. Kate’s wit and wardrobe were no longer at my disposal, and Kristin wasn’t there to create a baking tornado in our kitchen, resulting in cupcakes for all. I needed some friends.

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It’s been 12 years since those first few months, and I’ve come to realize girlfriends are my lifeline. I will dedicate this Valentine’s Day, like many in my past, to the beautiful love stories I have woven with my best friends. Will you join me in honoring the friends in your life? It’s time for Galentine’s Day!

This Valentines Day: Make it Gal-entines Day with These Fun Ideas

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Here are some tried and true ideas. What would you add to the list?

Dessert Party

Make fun desserts! Have a hot chocolate bar! A fancy trifle! Give the molten cake a go, or whatever! Treat your friends to the special stuff that they will appreciate and we never take time to make for ourselves.

Favorite Things Party

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped $10 or less “favorite thing” for a fun gift exchange. Favorite Things parties are literally my favorite.

Go Out

But not to a crowded Valentine-y restaurant. Book an evening at a museum, a movie no husband would attend or splurge on a manicure together.

Breakfast Date

Any chance you can gather your friends for a Saturday morning coffee/brunch date (and possibly shopping afterward)? I’m at my best before 2 pm; after that, it’s all downhill. So perhaps breaking the typical evening-out routine would be a fun way to change things up?


For the few who may not be facing winter’s slap, an outdoor getaway (where you have the whole thing planned and packed) could be an amazing gift to your best friends. I cringe at the word “picnic” because I know the work it takes to pack a lunch and outdoor get-away for my family. But it seems entirely different to pack a delicious lunch for friends. Maybe I’m just daydreaming of warm weather in the midst of Winter Storm 2019 (Jayden, I believe she is named?) but doesn’t a picnic with friends sound fun?

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However you celebrate your friends is up to you, but I encourage you to include them in your Valentine’s season. You may find the week is a lot more lovely when you know an evening with chocolate (and shopping, perhaps a manicure?!) and best friends is right around the corner.