This Summer, Become Childlike: Book a Staycation in Your Own City


How one woman's staycation in her own city completely changed her perspective—and why you should consider doing the same thing.

I recently made a reservation on Airbnb in a location I have lived for the past year. Instead of making it for tourist and travel purposes, it was simply to have a place to stay in a city where I already reside for a short period of time.

After I spoke with the host and officially booked it, I received many travel tips from, telling me “things to do” where I was staying and what “a perfect day” in the city looks like. This was amusing to me, as I had already lived there and was fairly confident I knew what I was going to do each day and what my weekends would be like. However, this inspired me, as well. I clicked on the links and opened them to find festivals going on around town, pottery classes, surfing lessons and more. I thought about all the hidden activities a city has to offer—and how I might have missed out on discovering new things this whole time.

During the summer months, most people who are able to take a break from work use the warm weather and vacation from school to travel to new locations. However, it can be just as inspiring to stay in one’s own city and discover what it is that draws people to the place you live. A bit of online research can show you just what makes your city so special—and lead you to events you may not even ordinarily know are happening until they are over.

Seeking out new experiences and activities in your own city can also lead you to meet new people that live in the area. This is often called a “staycation,” but it can be done any time of the year—not just instead of a trip away.

Getting out of town can be rejuvenating and refreshing. It can reset our minds so when we return home, we are able to engage fully in the place we live. However, it can also make us feel as if we have to leave in order to feel refreshed. When we have this mindset, it can be easy to get discouraged and bored with our city.

If you are feeling this way, try looking at your town through “fresh eyes” – as an outsider, a tourist – and see what new discoveries you can make. By pretending to intentionally visit the place you already live, it might just lead you to a new appreciation of where you call home.