WATCH: After Tragically Losing Their Daughter, New Song ‘Wonderous’ Shines Her Light


GIORGI+LEO, a stunningly talented husband and wife music duo, have endured every parent's worst nightmare. They lost their daughter, Vita in 2011 and are releasing the healing song they penned one exhausting hospital night with their daughter.

GIORGI+LEO, a stunningly talented husband and wife music duo, have endured every parent’s worst nightmare. They lost their daughter, Vita in 2011. She would be nine-years-old today. And while the pain of her loss will never fully subside, they are proving that waves of God’s healing are unceasing—even in the throes of despair, He sends new songs of healing.

And it was there, in the throes of despair, late one night in Vita’s hospital room, when GIORGI+LEO, desperate for answers, a miracle, breakthrough for their daughter, that Wonderous was written: “We wrote this song for our daughter Vita one night as she slept in her hospital room. Vita lived for 1 year and 3 months and this is our way of remembering her this year, by bringing the impact and power of her in our lives to life.”

It was in the writing of Wonderous, that trickles of healing began to be found as it served as a releasing conduit for the pain, “We wrote a lyric once that went “tastes like heaven but it hurts like hell.” I think it applies to this song… Wonderous written on an exhausted night for our daughter when she was here. This song hurts, but this song heals.”

As healing began to take root, the symbolism of cleansing waters became a key component that GIORGI+LEO wanted to focus their music video for Wonderous around, “In our modern world a shower becomes a sanctuary, it is often the only space and time we have alone to voice our aches to God in honesty. We chose to use this as a means to capture the moments in between life with our daughter and after her where we would find ourselves alone, where we were able to switch off or just process or be fragile. It was also the water. Water is so many things and it’s what she didn’t have enough of. It’s strong, overcoming, overpowering, forceful, gentle, soothing, calming, healing, helpful, loud and quiet.”

Vita, a heartbreakingly short-life, yes—but her legacy vast. While her light and love will forever abound from our heavenly Father’s lap, we will never forget the beauty of her life here, and the love she left behind.


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