The Infamous ‘World’s Worst Cat’ Has Found a Home


Perdita the cat has a bad reputation, being labeled as the "world's worst cat." But this cat, despite its infamous mean streak, has finally found a home.


Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Perdita the cat has found a home! A local shelter cat deemed to be “just a jerk” was up for adoption. Her shelter posted on social media as a tongue in cheek joke that Perdita is the “world’s worst cat.”

The Mitchell County Animal Rescue shelter’s ad for the cat went viral. People’s curiosity was understandably peaked by the marketing of the feline. After all, why is she such a jerk?

Well, Perdita was a rescue cat that came from an unsupervised home situation and she is not good with children or other kittens. Perdita definitely likes her space and will growl or plain slap you if tested and will even pretend to be sick.

After careful consideration, Perdita has chosen her new family! The staff of our small rural shelter has been…

Posted by Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Perdita has had over 150 applicants submit to adopt her. Applicants are fully aware of Perdita’s special needs and are willing to work with her. All animals need love and the new owners of the “world’s worst cat” seem to be the best fit to give that love. When choosing Perdita’s new owner’s CTV News reports that the initial meeting was a success with “minimal growling and very little slapping.”

The shelter commented, “We feel confident in the decision and feel that the couple’s quiet lifestyle, vast cat-experience, patience and cat appropriate house will lead to a successful transition for Perdita.”