The Easiest Spiritual Practice Guaranteed to Deepen Your Relationship With God


Looking for an easy way to deepen your connection with God? Here's one that couldn't be simpler, but is extremely rewarding.


Spiritual practices ground us to our faith and deepen our connection with God. They help remind us of our faith in our day to day lives and help us feel grounded. However, it is not always easy to remember to follow through on these practices, even when we know they are good for us. Setting up an easy-to-do spiritual practice can be an effective habit to maintain a positive faith guided life.

As simple as it may sound, walking in nature will do just that for you. As we walk in nature, we are given the opportunity to see the connection of all things and how we are part of this connection. This understanding of unity brings a sense of peace. It can also show us how we are part of God’s creation and how God’s love connects all things.

Nature nourishes our soul, deepens our faith and fosters a sense of wonder in God.

Throughout the Bible, there are messages about God being found in nature. The Bible begins, right from the start by teaching us that God created everything, both heaven and earth. Then in John chapter one, we have a reaffirmation of this teaching—all things were created by God, and the light of men shines with Him. Over and over again, we read in Scripture that God is here with us and can be seen and understood through nature. His love can be seen and felt in the beauty of nature when we simply take the time to stop and engage in it.

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Posted by LightWorkers on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

By developing a spiritual practice around being in nature we can come to see how God is revealed through beauty. It gives us the opportunity to see beautiful details we may have missed before.

Connecting with God in this way simply starts with being intentional. When engaging with Him through nature, you may find new and beautiful details you missed before—the delicate blossom on an apple tree or a mushroom peaking up from the forest floor. You may be awed by the stunning colors of a sunset or the beauty of the sun peeking from behind a cloud. All of this natural beauty mirrors God’s grand presence in life. 

Our souls are nourished and strengthened when we spend time in nature. When we walk in nature with the intention to cultivate connection and seek beauty, we foster a sense of inner peace and wonder. God can then guide us to find greater beauty and revelation. We begin to understand the depth of connection found in nature and power in creation.

Romans 1:20 reminds us, “For His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

We discover His “eternal power and divine nature” through simply being in nature. The natural world draws us in so we can experience God’s love. Nature nourishes our soul, deepens our faith and fosters a sense of wonder in God. Take a walk in nature and see how it helps you deepen your connection to God.