The Dream Center: Where Hope is Found


The Dream Center: Where Hope is Found


No matter the obstacle, there is always hope. Through the help found at The Dream Center in LA, those once struggling with addictions are dreaming again.

In a world where so many have become victims of addiction, poverty and abuse, organizations like The Dream Center are helping to restore hope to the hopeless. Instead of allowing victims to be cast aside, isolated from community, The Dream Center seeks to help residents regain their independence, residents like the ones featured in this video: Tuyen, Jessica and Michael.

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All three share their experiences in life that lead them to drug addiction. Tuyen, abused by his step-father, grew up believing that he was useless, that he wash trash. After being involved in gang activity, where he sought the community and support system he so desperately needed, Tuyen hit rock bottom and found himself at the Dream Center, looking to get back on his feet.

What gave him hope? Knowing this truth: “God wanted me.”

For Jessica, it all started out with simply spending time with the wrong crowd. This led to her eventually trying drugs, not knowing she was trying heroin.

“I just remember, at my lowest point,” she says, “just being so alone and so hopeless…I cried out to God. That, for me, was when hope was born.”

Michael, who’s father was absent when he was growing up, longs to be the father-figure that he never had in the lives of younger boys looking for role models. Michael himself was exposed to different drugs at a young age, but through The Dream Center, has found hope in the possibility of impacting the lives of others in a positive way because of his own experiences.

The truth at the foundation of The Dream Center is, in Jessica’s words, that “God is turning everything to good.”

For more information about this organization that is empowering the lives of so many each day, check out the video above.