The Best Hostess Gifts to Bring to Thanksgiving


Hosting a Thanksgiving meal is work! Consider bringing a small gift of appreciation for your host this year. And if you’re the chef, here is a list of ideas to treat yourself to a little something.

Are you headed to someone’s house for Thanksgiving? I’m assuming you are relieved to not have to tackle a turkey. I know I am. Last year I managed to reheat a precooked turkey, and let’s just say this year we will all be fleeing to my mother-in-law’s house. The six-hour drive feels like a necessary distance to separate me from my microwave.

Preparing Thanksgiving is a big task. It is a labor of love and a sacrifice of time, energy and money. Why not show up to your Thanksgiving meal with your side dish, a bottle of wine and a special gift for the host? Here are my favorite Thanksgiving gifts I love.


  1. Dear Muska jewelry—These necklaces are artfully designed with scripture in mind. As you think about your Thanksgiving hostess, choose a piece of jewelry that will personally encourage her.
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  2. Rooted Leather Clutch or Tassel—Leather goods are such nice gifts in the fall. A Stacy tassel is a fun decor for keys. If you would like to spend more, treat your hostess to a handmade leather clutch. These beautiful leather purses can be lined with a personalized fabric of your choice.
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  3. The Jones Market jewelry—If your hostess has small children bent on destroying the kitchen while she cooks in it, please give her one of these beautiful necklaces from The Jones Market. Stylish for women, non-toxic for kids, these necklaces are a favorite for both moms and babies alike. I love the new leopard print ones.
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If your hostess has kids, consider gifts that are self-entertaining. Rush Hour, Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Sequence for Kids and puzzles are my favorites. These are all fun for kids and can keep them occupied when the meal is over. Table Topics is also a great gift pre-dinner; these questions and topics can help get the dinner conversation rolling.


Does anyone love to give music? It requires a bit more thought (do they have a CD player?) and I know in this age of streaming services it feels a bit outdated, but a record or CD might just be a perfect gift. Lauren Daigle’s album continues to be on repeat at my house. Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong is my favorite holiday music. Who is a current favorite artist? Consider giving your favorite music as a special way to personalize your gift.


Don’t get me started. I love giving books; I feel like I’m giving away a special friend when I wrap them up and send them off. From classics to cookbooks, children’s picture books to coffee table books, magazines to puzzles, books are a really fun way to personalize a gift to your host.

The Usual

You can’t go wrong with the usual gifts. Candles, wine, chocolate, special coffee, fresh fruit, flowers, a healthy plant or a favorite picture of you and your hostess in a new frame, all accompanied with a handwritten card. This doesn’t have to be complicated, only something to simply express your gratitude and excitement about the time spent together.

And if you’re the one hosting a giant family and actually cooking a turkey in a real oven, bless you! Buy yourself something! Anything! Everything!