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Grab the Kids—It’s a Thanks and Giving Treasure Adventure


Looking for a family activity that invites your children into the heart of Thanksgiving? We have the perfect “thanks and giving” adventure for you!
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Thanksgiving goes hand in hand with family gatherings, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and if you’re in my family, a kids table where attendees of all ages are required to wear olives on their fingers as puppets. But more than that, Thanksgiving is a time of offering thanks for the many blessings in our lives, as well as a time of paying it forward through the intentional act of giving.

As a soon-to-be mother of twins, I have been giving thought to what traditions and activities my husband and I could begin to implement that would not only strengthen us as a family but also educate our son and daughter in the ways of both thanks and giving.

Thanksgiving is a time of offering thanks for the many blessings in our lives as well as a time of paying it forward through the intentional act of giving.

What better tool of practical application for a fun-loving family than a treasure adventure to identify, engrain and edify the principles of thanks and giving into our little ones’ hearts?

So, get the warm apple cider steaming, source the below supply list, gather your kiddos and get ready to enjoy a day of thanks and giving with this list of treasure adventures!

It’s a Thanks and Giving Treasure Adventure

1. Plant Trees

Educational moment | THANKS
It’s important to remind our children how much nature gives us and how vital it is to be thankful stewards of it.

  1. As a family, get started by selecting a plot in your backyard to plant a tree(s) or volunteer at a nature reserve dedicated to planting trees in your local area.
  2. Don’t have the time, space or resources to plant on your own? Not to worry! There are dedicated organizations, such as National Forests Foundation, committed to planting and preservation that you can donate to as a family.

What You’ll Need:

  • instructions (click here for recommendations)
  • gardening supplies
  • tree(s)/seeds
  • if donating, the organization of your choosing

2. Make Surprise Flower Bouquets for Those Needing a Pick-Me-Up


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Educational moment | GIVING

  1. Have each family member select someone in their lives that could use a cheerful bouquet of love delivered right to their door.
  2. Then, pile into the car for an early morning adventure to your local flower market.
  3. Give each family member a budget to pull together their special bouquet and have at it!
  4. Once home, assemble the bouquets together, having each person write a card to their recipient.
  5. Then comes the fun: delivering them!

What You’ll Need:

  • location and hours of operation of your local flower market
  • predetermined flower budget
  • vases
  • cards
  • pens/crayons/pencils/markers

3. Letters of Gratitude

Educational moment | THANKS
Let’s get those gratitude muscles flexing by teaching our children the power and importance of intentionally expressing gratitude!

  1. Begin by drawing family member names out of a hat; each member of the family should be assigned to another.
  2. Have each family member write a letter or draw a picture listing out reasons why they are thankful for the specific family member they are assigned to.
  3. Then have all family members hide their letters/drawings throughout the house.
  4. Gather the family again to play one amazing game of “Hot and Cold” together, finding all the beautiful treasures of gratitude throughout the house.
  5. Once each gratitude treasure is found, have the author read their letter aloud aloud/share the symbolism behind their drawing with its recipient in front of the rest of the family.
  6. Bask in the bonding bliss!

What You’ll Need:

  • pencil
  • slips of paper
  • hat

4. Bake Cookies and Visit Elderly Neighbors or an Assisted Living Community


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Educational moment | GIVING

  1. As a family, bake a few dozen cookies.
  2. Decorate and bag them in Thanksgiving-themed plastic food bags.
  3. Write a special message of love or a fun holiday-themed joke to tie to the bags.
  4. Then, visit elderly neighbors or a local assisted living community to share your bags of yummy, sugary joy.
  5. But more importantly, as a family, make sure to dish out the hugs and quality time with these wise men and women who, I’m sure, would love to share their favorite Thanksgiving memories with you!

What You’ll Need:

  • favorite cookie recipe(s) and ingredients for a few dozen cookies
  • Thanksgiving themed plastic food bags
  • ribbon to tie the food bags
  • cards/slips of paper
  • pens/crayons/pencils/markers for notes

5. Participate in LightWorker’s #YouThankWeGive

Educational moment | THANKS AND GIVING

You give thanks, we give turkey! Share and post what you’re thankful for and nominate someone to do the same between November 2nd and 20th, 2017 on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #YouThankWeGive and #LightWorkers and we’ll donate turkey dinners to feed the families affected by the fires in Northern California with help from Bayside Covenant Church. Thousands of families have lost their homes and Bayside has provided schooling, lodging, meals and even trick-or-treating. We want to help them continue their effort to aid these families. Click here for more details.