Surviving Quarantine: 20 Things to Do at Home


The COVID-19 quarantine has commenced and the isolation can seem scary, but not to worry, there's still plenty to do with all of this free time!


We are in this together! Here are some useful things you can do during your quarantined hiatus from everyday life. Who said social distancing had to be boring! Take care and take the necessary health and safety precautions, but feel free to have some fun and use this time to your advantage. Here are just a few ideas of how to pass the time:

  1. Plan your next vacation—the world will eventually be back up and running. Bali, New York or Disney here you come!
  2. Research volunteer opportunities. The world needs our help year-round! Get involved in helping the less fortunate.
  3. Quarantine diary! Take in the good with the bad. There is an endless supply of funny, unusual moments happening right now, take note of these. Hey, at least you’ll have the memories to look back on.
  4. Schedule all mundane, routine or appointments you usually procrastinate on! Taxes, dental appointments, etc.
  5. Watch movies you wouldn’t normally watch. Step outside your comfort zone and see what you discover.
  6. Tech clean. Cleanup the files on your phone and laptop.
  7. Print out physical photos of your favorite memories! Scrapbook them for extra points.
  8. CALL YOUR LOVED ONES. Like every day!
  9. Expand your prayer life. Pray for someone, anyone. Offer to pray for friends, families, coworkers and neighbors.
  10. Get ahead on that spring cleaning. Declutter your space! Start afresh with organized spaces.
  11. Get creative, pick up an old hobby. Piano, guitar, painting, baking, miming, pick your fancy!
  12. Update your resume! Be ready to nail your next interview and get that amazing job.
  13. Read a fiction book! Since we are getting bombarded with non-fictional events, escape to a story of your choice!
  14. Meditate and pray every day. Stay centered and connected to your source of faith.
  15. Start an online course of your choice! Learn graphic design, coding or a new language—Masterclass anyone?
  16. Stay moving. Stretch or exercise every day!
  17. Discover new music and update your playlists.
  18. Take care of you mind. Journaling will help your mental health to process your thoughts and emotions about the break.
  19. Goal set and dream board time. Let’s make that vision board come to life!
  20. Take time off of your phone and news. Take breaks and just enjoy the present!