Students Secretly Spend 1,500 Hours Creating Braille Yearbook for Unsuspecting Blind Classmate


Senior class in Colorado spends 1500+ hours to create a particularly special send-off gift for their visually impaired classmate.


Colorado’s Conifer High School yearbook staff spent over 1500 hours making a braille yearbook for student RJ Sampson. RJ is visually impaired and jokingly asked the staff if they were going to make a yearbook for him. Little did he know that the yearbook staff would put in all the work to make it possible.

The yearbook was presented to RJ during his senior year. Not only is it in braille, but it has special pages that can be read out loud to him through an app.

RJ is extremely thankful for the tight-knit community at Conifer. “It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to actually read it,” RJ exclaimed regarding the yearbook.

Reflecting on his last days in high school and his journey ahead RJ says, “I think its really important to be able to continue through life and be able to improve yourself as a person.” He will be attending college to become a computer engineer.

What a beautiful example of coming together to uplift a classmate in need. With bullying being so prevalent in education, it is beautiful to witness how far a simple act of service can go. This senior is being sent off with lots of love and support.