God ‘Can Do Miracles’: Steph Curry on Why He Produced ‘Breakthrough’


In a recent interview, Steph Curry opened up to Hollywood producer Devon Franklin, about what made him agree to executive produce new faith-film "Breakthrough."


Breakthrough, produced by Stephen Curry and Devon Franklin, is premiering this month in theaters nationwide. The film is a miracle story of a boy that is declared dead after falling into an icy lake and later resurrects to life through the power of prayer. The film is based on a true story and has attracted over 100 million viewers in the trailer alone.

Steph opens up to Hollywood producer Devon Franklin, about what made him take this project. He states it was the story around the central character John’s family, that made him connect “You’re going to be moved by John’s story…John’s mom’s faith, first and foremost, how bold she was.” Continuing “Her belief in God, that He can do miracles and He can do powerful things” is what drew Curry to keep reading the pages of the script.

The NBA all-star is very outspoken about his faith and had been looking for the right opportunity to be involved with inspirational films. Devon Franklin who produced Miracles from Heaven, Heaven is for Real and The Pursuit of Happyness teamed up with Curry to make this film memorable. “I’m on a continual journey of understanding how to be a better human being—my faith allows me to stay focused on why I’m on this planet to begin with…If I were to listen to the noise, or continually feed into what is rewarded in this life—material things…fame, money—I would be lost…I have these skills and platform for a reason—to shine a light on who I am playing for on a daily basis,” Curry shared.

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Curry tells Devon that people should “Just believe, the power of community and power in faith is strong and is what this world needs through and through.” The film stars well-known faces like Chrissy Metz from This is Us, Topher Grace from That 70’s Show and Christian hip hop artist Lecrae. Breakthrough is releasing on April 17th you can purchase your tickets at