Steph Curry: Why Philippians 4:13 Is at the Center of All He Does


Stephen Curry is a powerhouse athlete and an inspiring role model. We are blown away by his integrity and his lifestyle of worship. 


Stephen Curry is best known for his incredible basketball skills on the court, especially for building the reputation of being the “Greatest Shooter in NBA History.” Curry has helped lead the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Final three times and earned himself two MVP titles along the way. While we have high expectations that he will perform in a remarkable way in the 2019 NBA playoffs as well, the thing we admire the most is his character off the court.

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He’s Making Powerful Films

Steph Curry has had a growing interest in making uplifting films in recent years. On Easter Weekend, we are so excited to see Breakthrough hit theaters nationwide. Curry served as the Executive Producer for this Christian drama featuring incredible actors like Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace and even a cameo from musician Phil Wickham. Based on remarkable true events, Breakthrough illuminates the power of prayer and showcases how our faith can guide us even in our darkest hours. When the film’s trailer was released, we were left with goosebumps.

He’s a Supportive Husband and Dad

Stephen Curry has proven to be a devoted husband and father for years now. In July 2011, he married his longtime sweetheart, Ayesha Alexander. Their first daughter, Riley, was born a year later. Daughter Ryan and son Canon were born in the years to follow.

Steph and Ayesha always go the extra mile to support each other and communicate with excellence as spouses and partners. Speaking to Popsugar in 2018, Steph explains the reciprocal support they give to each other. “I think what we’ve learned most about each other is that as busy as you are and as much as we have going on career wise, it doesn’t happen without the support of each other… I try to be her biggest fan when it comes to anything that she does and vice versa. That’s what makes everything special; being able to share the ups and downs of life with somebody.”

He Gives Back

Curry consistently supports charitable efforts, recognizing that he can use his platform and influence to magnify philanthropic work. Beginning in 2012, he uniquely used his incredible 3-pointer skills to help save lives. In partnership with the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, Curry began to donate three nets each time he scored a 3-pointer on the court. To date, this campaign alone has resulted in over 5,400 malaria nets reaching families in need. Curry also dedicated his 30th birthday to fundraise for Nothing But Nets. He quickly exceeded his $30,000 goal and eventually raised over $82,000 to support their life-saving work.

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He Models His Faith on the Court

Philippians 4:13 is a powerful verse for Steph Curry, reminding him that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He keeps this verse at the center of all he does, from writing its text on his shoes during games to boldly spotlighting it in his Twitter bio. He also gives glory to God on the court by regularly pointing his index finger upwards; a way to remind himself and others that it is only through God’s power that Curry can succeed.  

Steph, we are in awe of your athleticism and deeply admire the worshipful ways you give God glory in every aspect of your life.