Soccer Fans Risk Their Own Safety Amidst Quarantine to Save Newborns After Earthquake


After a 6.0 scale earthquake hit Zagreb, Croatia a 1,000 member soccer club risked their lives to help pregnant women and children get to safety.


A severe 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Zagreb, Croatia this Sunday.  

In the midst of hospitals already being overwhelmed due to the coronavirus, the Dubrava Clinical Hospital needed help relocating patients due to structural damage. A soccer club comprised of over a thousand members heard about the hospital’s need and stepped in to help.

They are called the “The Bad Blue Boys.” The boys helped move the maternity ward to safer hospitals after the earthquake by assisting pregnant women and newborn babies in incubators move during a perilous time.

The boys were equipped with protective masks to reduce the risk of passing infection. Pray for Croatia as several earthquakes have arisen in these times. With the coronavirus threat still lurking, their fast action was much appreciated. Thank you, hometown heroes!