Single Father Adopts Infant with Down-Syndrome After She Was Rejected by 20 Families


Luca, a single man adopted Alba, a baby with down syndrome who was rejected by 20 families. Now their adoption story is going viral.

Thanks to the kindness of a former stranger a little girl has found a forever home. Luca Trapanese shared his incredible adoption journey in adopting Alba as a baby just days old. Alba while only 1 month had already been rejected by 20 potential adoptive families. Alba was immediately rejected by her birth mother upon the discovery of her needs and other medical conditions according to Brightside.

Social services stepped in and made the exception to allow Luca, a single man to have custody over the child. Luca was committed for quite some time to adopting a disabled child. Since childhood, he had worked with various social service organizations including in the specialization of serving children with Down Syndrome.

In 2017 when Italy finally allowed single parents to adopt he was told by social services he would only be offered a child with problems such as illness, severe disabilities, behavioral problems or children rejected from many families. Luca happily replied, “I was happy to adopt whoever would come my way.”

With his wealth of experience with kids with special needs and his desire for fatherhood, he was keen in the pursuit of adoption. Alba is now nearly two-years-old. He says she has a strong personality and they enjoy walks to the park and she even joins him at work. He says “she revolutionized my life, Alba was never [my] second choice, I wanted her to be my daughter.”

The two continue to lead happy and healthy lives in Italy and hope to inspire more families large and small to choose adoption.