‘There’s Something About You’: Simon Cowell Is Moved to Tears by Michael Ketterer, Why?


During last week's quarterfinals of "America's Got Talent," Simon Cowell was moved to tears during Michael Ketterer's performance with Cowell exclaiming to Ketterer, "There's something about you!" What Cowell said is important, and here's why.

The bible is clear that as Christians we are not of this world, spiritual beings not earthly beings. Therefore our fragrance, our cadence, our very countenance should continually engage those around us. We are meant to stand out as different. We are meant to be told continually, “There’s something about you!” Why? Because when people encounter us they are encountering heaven. They should feel the fruit of heaven, God’s grace, passion, mercy on and through our lives so acutely, yet so mysteriously that they are drawn to the comfort they feel, the acceptance they feel, the wholeness they feel in the presence of the greatest love they will ever encounter, Jesus.

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Like David playing for Saul (1 Samuel 16:14-23), who we are in Christ and what we carry in Christ is unequivocally meant to give shelter to those around us. Isaiah 54:2 tells us so:

“Make your tent bigger. Spread out the curtains of your home, and do not hold back. Make your ropes longer and your tie-downs stronger.”

In Ancient Hebrew culture, a family would only extend out their tent-pegs if their tent needed to accommodate a growing number of people to take refuge in its shelter. Just as then, we as Christians today are being instructed to spread out the curtains of the atmosphere of Christ, presence and authority we carry, not holding back but instead allowing others to experience the shelter we carry, the shelter we ourselves have the privilege of abiding in. Just as Simon Cowell experienced in last week’s episode of “America’s Got Talent,” when Michael Ketterer, worship-leader, father, nurse, passionate believer, took to the stage during the quarterfinals.

It was a moment on live television you don’t see often, a powerful media mogul overcome, vulnerable, honest, wrought by “something” he can’t explain away. Instead, he can only exclaim, “I don’t know, there’s something about you.” It was a moment that set the stage for an apt reminder that as Christians, Cowell and Ketterer’s exchange should be the norm we experience as Christians. We should be pressing in dogmatically, keenly aware of our tent, leaning into its expansion—believing, trusting, stretching for those that need its shelter.

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