Shedding the Shame of Being Single on Valentines Day


We are taking back our worth as single people; you are not less than on Valentines Day, or any other day for that matter.


“Singles Awareness Day” AKA Valentine’s Day for single people. My coworkers and I have been talking all week about the harrowing sense of rejection, that can come from a single day. But what does God want to say to us as single people? God wants to add encouragement and worth to our singleness journey.

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We are going to dive into three ways you can stop devaluing yourself as a single person, and even some practical ways we can put up boundaries when others try to as well.

1. Shedding the shame we receive from others.

Just because you’re single, does not mean that you are less than. It doesn’t mean that you lack anything. If someone comes to you and places limits on your hopes and dreams just because of your singleness, throw that aside, it has no place in your destiny. If people say, “Oh you can’t lead in ministry, or you will never be able to reach a certain status in your career because you’re single,” well my friend that is a bald-faced lie. God uses the most unqualified of people, including single people. People often forget that Jesus was single, and He is the most preeminent influential figure in human history.

Shedding the Shame of Being Single on Valentines Day

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2. Shedding the shame, we place on one other.

As you get older in singleness, the weight and stress of it can become all-consuming. There can be friendships that take a turn, into the unsupportive realm, where we start to doubt the things God can accomplish through our single friends. It can be the most well-meaning of friends but the tonality of the “did God really say you can do that” holds your fellow single sister or brother back. When the truth is that God has no cap on the God-sized dreams He’s deposited in both single men and women. I’m seeing some of my single friends skyrocket to the top of their careers and respective fields, so never doubt what God can do in this season. It doesn’t have to be career-wise, it can also be overcoming emotional trauma from your past as a single person, really working on healing those childhood wounds, granting you a healthier more aligned perspective as an adult now, that is a priceless victory as well.

3. Shedding the shame in our standards.

As single people, we can fall into the trap of lowering our standards in regards to obtaining a dating partner. Heres’ a quick reply to this, “NO!” Don’t lower your standards to get a guy or girl, you are worth so much more! The continual revelation that God is giving us in singleness is that “You are worthy.” If a dating relationship is making you question that in the slightest, that’s not from God. God is granting you “worth” in this season, and He is raising the “standard” up in your life.

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God is doing miracles through you in your singleness. Never forget that. Know your power and your worth on “Singles Awareness Day.” God sees you as an asset in the Kingdom of God and loves you infinitely.