‘Just Laying down and Thanking Jesus’: Selena Gomez Preaches Truth on Twitter


Popstar Selena Gomez has posted some powerful comments about her faith on social media.

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Will Maule

Tweeting about how trusting in God has helped her through the toughest times in life, Selena Gomez wrote that she was “literally just laying down and thanking Jesus.”

“Where my father has taken me and placing me is exactly where I am meant to be,” she added. “He said to me ‘Selena hold on, I hurt when you hurt. I cry when you cry but I will NEVER, EVER leave your side. Work with me, walk with me and watch how I do it.’

While it is unclear exactly what Gomez is referencing, she has been through periods of ill health in her battle with lupus and entered rehab on a number of occasions for chemo and anxiety and depression issues.

“In my worst moments, like awful, most painful moments—I never stopped falling to my knees wanting and needing only His love,” Gomez continued in her post. “He always surprises me and I re-fall in love with Him every single time.”

Concluding her wonderful remarks, Gomez declared that “the enemy keeps trying to tear me down and it’s just not gonna happen. Not today. Not the next…”

This is not the first time Gomez has shared about her faith in Jesus. In 2017, the singer led worship at a Hillsong Young & Free event, even performing her own song of devotion to Jesus.

“First time I ever lead worship,” she wrote at the time. “I got to perform my first worship song I ever wrote. So grateful for His grace and understanding.”

Selena’s latest release, Love You To Love Me, was released last night.