Sean Feucht Wrote Prophetic Song About North Korea in Exact Spot Trump Met with Kim Jong Un


In 2012, Sean Feucht, a Christian artist well-known for his work with Bethel, wrote the song "Finish What You Started (Song for North Korea)," while on the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

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Lindsay Elizabeth

In 2012, Sean Feucht, a Christian artist well-known for his work with Bethel, wrote the song Finish What You Started (Song for North Korea), while on the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

This is the same spot that President Trump and Kim Jong Un met, and shook hands on, right before they had a 50-minute meeting in North Korea this past weekend.

Feucht applauded Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, along with many others around the world who deemed it a historical event. It’s a “prophecy fulfilled” Feucht told Fox News, saying that he “never imagined that the song would come true.”

Feucht, who runs Light A Candle Project, a non-profit that goes into the “darkest, hardest and most impossible places on earth,” to share the gospel, is passionate about reaching the most persecuted people around the world, which includes North Koreans.

On Sunday, Feucht shared an image from 2012, which shows his blue guitar case sitting in front of the Hermit Kingdom, where Trump and Kim met.

“Wrote these lyrics at this exact spot on the DMZ border (from inside North Korea) over 8 years ago,” he tweeted.

“Oh my God you can do anything, Oh my God nothing is too hard for you,” he wrote, citing his own song lyrics.

“Today, at the same exact spot, the US President made history by stepping onto North Korean soil to negotiate peace,” he added. “IT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!”

Feucht added: “Oftentimes we have no idea how God can use our simple songs and prayers to change history.”

He also recognized the fact there is a long road to peace, but that the small steps are still worthy of celebrating.

Many celebrated Trump’s meeting, including South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in who said: “President Trump is the maker of peace in the Korean Peninsula.”

Kim himself, appeared overjoyed in meeting President Trump, saying “I never expected to meet you at this place,” when they shook hands.

“I was proud to step over the line,” Trump told Kim later according to the Associated Press. “It is a great day for the world.”

Although North Koreans and Christians, in particular, are still facing immense persecution, Trump’s meeting brings hope that the road to peace is achievable.

Feaucht’s song lyrics mimic that, which go: “You’re faithful to the end. You will finish what you started.”

You can listen to Sean Feucht’s full song below.