BREAKING: Famed Bethel Music Worship Leader, Sean Feucht, Is Running for Congress


Today, famed musician and worship leader, Sean Feucht, announced his candidacy for congress.

Yes, my jaw fell open ten minutes ago when I saw the news that famed Bethel Music musician and worship leader, Sean Feucht, announced his Congressional candidacy for the 3rd District of California. In a mixture of awe and bewilderment, I took in the news with childlike excitement.

Today, Feucht has done something few of us can attest to doing. He has put his money where his mouth is. In announcing his candidacy for Congress, Feucht is willingly setting aside a prolific platform and career as one of the world’s leading worship leaders, pushing against societal norms (when is the last time you saw a famed musician—a Christian one at that—trade their guitar for political red tape?) and taking a stand for what he believes in.

To say I esteem his sacrifice and grit is a far understatement. Moreover, I’m convicted by it, enthralled by it and encouraged that Christians, ordinary and famed alike, are stepping forward to affect the needed change in this nation and world. Feucht proves that. He proves that change is here, that inaction within the body of Christ is no longer an option.

In a promo video launched today, Feucht’s campaign is already making its aim clearly known:

We need a new generation of leaders. Leaders who don’t seek a career, but are willing to sacrifice their career’s to fight for what is right. Leader’s like Sean Feucht. Sean doesn’t look like the average politican, because he’s not. A man of faith, a man of mission, a man of character and intergrity. Not driven by ego, but purpose. Sean is taking a stand. A stand millions like you and I need to take if we are determined to better the future for our children and grand-children.

Feucht’s main slogan, “Join the fight to save our country,” leaves none of the above in question. Sean himself states, “I’m not going to sit back and watch and wait. It’s time for my generation to step forward and join the fight for America. Stand with me, and let’s take action and become the solution.”

We know Feucht as this man: a loving “husband, father, missionary, musician, speaker, author and founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization; Burn 24/7… [Who] travels to 20-30 nations per year planting furnaces of worship and prayer, training, mobilizing, leading worship and speaking. [A man who] has produced, recorded and released 20 music albums, co-authored five books, numerous teaching resources and has ignited several global missional initiatives…”

But now, with California Christians already coming out in droves to support him—as seen above—could we be seeing the making of a Congressman in our midst? It’s more than possible, it’s fathomable.