‘God Is Not Santa Claus’: Sadie Robertson’s Important Message on Waiting


Sadie Robertson encourages us with a realistic word on waiting and is gearing up for her 2019 "Live Original" tour.


Don’t Waste the Waiting is the title of Sadie Robertson’s newest sermon. In a fast-food generation, this is an important word. Sometimes we think we want things, but God is asking for something completely different. For example, we might want a dating relationship, but God wants our hearts.

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Sadie quotes a saying she hears from many people: “I told God I wanted that, and if He doesn’t do it for me right now then I’m not going to believe in Him.” Robertson drives home that God is not “Santa Claus.” And sometimes even “good” things, no matter how “good” they appear are not always “God” things. “This is going to be hard to hear. But the job that you want, the school that you want, they were never a promise of God,” Sadie explains. God’s answers in the waiting season, can range from “yes” to “not yet” or “not ever.” A reality that many of us need to face, as we are called to be obedient to Christ, not to get everything we want.

Sadie explains how God isn’t a genie, and it’s a wise word when a lot of Christians are looking for what they can “get” from God. Trusting in God’s provision and His ultimate will is an essential and necessary component in our Christian faith. “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.”(Isaiah 55:8).

‘This is going to be hard to hear. But the job that you want, the school that you want, they were never a promise of God,’ Sadie explains.

With a reach of more than 5 million followers, Robertson speaks to a multitude of crowds through her ministry Live Original. “My passion is to speak, to write, to encourage,” Sadie states. Robertson started the Live Original Tour that spreads a message of Jesus and positivity that is resonating with thousands of teens across America.

Robertson is a household name after Sadie and her family were previously featured on the hit reality show Duck Dynasty for 11 seasons on A&E. The family is known for their strong conservative faith values; their legacy holds a tremendous impact on their community in Louisiana and worldwide. Sadie was also a runner up on ABC’s dancing with the stars.

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