Ryan Seacrest Builds Music Studios for Hospitalized Children, Celebrities Line-Up to Visit


Across America, hospitalized children have the opportunity to host their own radio and TV shows thanks to the generosity and creativity of Ryan Seacrest.


Is there a harder working man in Hollywood than Ryan Seacrest? He’s a beloved and omnipresent entertainer. On TV, Seacrest shows up constantly as a host for shows like American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and E! News. On the radio, he hosts the weekly show American Top 40 and a daily morning show for LA’s KISS FM station. He’s also a powerhouse producer behind ample reality TV shows including the massively influential Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spin-offs.

So, where does he find time to do even more?! We’re not sure, but when we learned about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and its work to bring “Seacrest Studios” into Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the USA, we were blown away.

Children deal with boredom while in the hospital. They need a place to be creative when they’re away from home, receiving medical care. For hospitalized kids who are well enough to leave their rooms, they can enter a Seacrest Studio and experience the magic of making television and radio. They can also meet with the celebrities who stop by the studio for a visit and co-create media together with some of the world’s most famous people. For other children in the hospital who aren’t well enough to leave their rooms, the studio offers a localized broadcast throughout the medical campus, streaming kid-safe entertainment directly to their rooms.

There are ten incredibly heartwarming Seacrest Studios across the USA and we wanted to give you a glimpse into the joy each one regularly brings to children.

Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest at the Opening Ceremony for Nashville’s Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

When the newest Seacrest Studio opened to bring joy to children in Nashville, it was a momentous event and the community welcomed both Ryan Seacrest and Nashville native, Taylor Swift. Because Nashville is a major city for the music industry, this location regularly welcomes musicians who connect with the kids, bonding over a shared passion for music.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Connect Kids with the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team

Children treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital benefit from the best pediatric services in the Midwest. They also are often huge fans of their hometown Cincinnati Reds and through Seacrest Studios, they get a chance to connect with some of their most beloved athletes.

Derek Hough Shares Dance Moves at Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital has been ranked as the #1 children’s hospital in the country for six years in a row. Offering young patients holistic treatment is about more than medicine; it also means giving them an opportunity to be playful. Seacrest Studios in Boston connects New England’s kids with stars like Derek Hough who teaches them the dance moves they’ll need to perhaps one day compete on Dancing With The Stars.

Playful Songwriting at Children’s Health in Dallas

One of the most delightful elements of Seacrest Studio’s radio technology is that it allows kids an opportunity to write songs and creatively process their emotions through music. In this video, we get to hear a hilarious remix of a Meghan Trainor hit from a young Dallas patient named John. He cheekily rewrites the lyrics of “Me Too” to describe his experience of living life in a wheelchair. It’s impossible not to smile while watching this video.

Bea Miller Plays Hilarious Games with Kids at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Known locally as “CHOP,” the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is America’s #2 best children’s hospital, breaking barriers specifically when it comes to the treatment of diabetes and bariatric services. When pop-singer Bea Miller took time to visit kids at CHOP, playing a hilarious game of “This or That” and teaching dance moves to patients, everyone was all smiles.

American Girl Dolls in Charlotte’s Levine Children’s Hospital

The American Girl franchise has invested continuously over the years in bringing joy to kids at Levine Children’s Hospital. Partnering with the Seacrest Studio in Charlotte, American Girl brought dolls to patients that included relatable accessories like doll-sized wheelchairs for the children to play with.

Filming an Adaptation of Food Network’s Chopped at Children’s Hospital Orange County

Children’s Hospital Orange County is commonly referred to as “CHOC.” Kids treated there delighted in watching a playful cooking show called “Chocced,” a spin on the popular Food Network show Chopped.

WWE Star Roman Reigns Shares His Championship Belt at Children’s Hospital Colorado

While wrestler Roman Reigns already had a massive fan-base, when he won the title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2016, he entered into WWE legend status. He recently took time to visit with kids at the Seacrest Studio in Denver, delighting them as they each took turns holding his Championship Belt.

Billie Eilish Visits Kids at Children’s Healthcare Atlanta

Billie Eilish hits have gained her a massive following over the past three years. Her unique and haunting approach to pop music has made her one of the hottest artists, but it’s her passion to give back that most impresses us. Connecting with Atlanta’s kids at Children’s Healthcare, she created a safe space for patients to express their creativity.

NASA Astronaut Dr. Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor talks Science at Children’s National in DC

While Seacrest Studios typically focuses on entertainment, when NASA’s Dr. S. Auñón-Chancellor came by for a visit, children had a unique opportunity to learn about space, science and the cosmos from a real-life astronaut.