Russell Wilson and Ciara Share Why Abstinence Before Marriage Was so Important to Them


It’s no secret that Russell Wilson and Ciara decided to remain abstinent until their July 2016 marriage, though the couple’s candid discussion of the matter has made it an interesting point of mention in media since.

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Billy Hallowell

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara continue to make headlines, with the couple’s Christian faith and their decision to wait until marriage to have sex capturing both attention and intrigue.

Of course, it’s no secret that the two decided to remain abstinent until their July 2016 marriage, though the couple’s candid discussion of the matter has made it an interesting point of mention in media since. And most recently, Ciara, offered up a powerful message to young women who might feel pressure to get guys to like them.

“We women think with our hearts and with our minds. When we see a guy, we envision what he’s like and whether this could be something special,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan South Africa. “Guys see us from an exterior point of view—that’s something I learned along the way as a woman … You shouldn’t feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you.”

Ciara added that she and Wilson believed it would be important to set their relationship on the right foot; remaining abstinent was a decision they felt would be most appropriate and in line with their faith, as People magazine noted.

“I really believe that when you focus on a friendship, you have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for a relationship—and once you know you’re really great friends and you’re what we call ‘equally yoked,’ where you share the same values or the same outlook on life, it kind of sets the tone,” Ciara told Cosmo South Africa. “Knowing that you’ll always have the friendship and that you can always go back to it is very important, and very powerful.”

The singer went on to say that it’s “awesome” how the situation worked out, crediting Wilson for sharing her strong views on waiting until marriage. For his part, Wilson openly discussed the matter during a speaking appearance at The Rock Church in San Diego, California, explaining why the two chose celibacy.

“She was on tour, she was traveling and I was looking at her in the mirror… and she was sitting there and God spoke to me and said ‘I need you to lead her’… and so I told her right then and there, what would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table, and did it Jesus’ way?” he recalled during that appearance. “For me, I knew that God had brought me into her life to bless her, and for her to bless me. And to bless so many people with the impact that she has [and] that I have.”

He said the two agreed to love one another before marriage without sex, adding, “If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

As Faithwire previously reported, the NFL player also made headlines for two inspirational Instagram posts he wrote about Ciara and his Christian faith. Wilson was married once before and Ciara has a son, Future, whom she brought into the couple’s marriage; the two now share a daughter.