WATCH: Rappers Make ‘a New Sound’ in Israel, Have Powerful Encounter


While some of the artists had been to Israel before, it was Andy Mineo’s first time. “[The visit] created a hunger inside of me to want to learn more.”

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Tré Goins-Phillips

A group of Christian rappers traveled to Israel a few months ago and just shared video footage of their incredible trip, where some were baptized in the same place as Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Among the group of artists was Lecrae, who said he plans to return to the Holy Land many times in the future.

While Lecrae had been to Israel before, it was Andy Mineo’s first trip to the country. The visit, he said, “created a hunger inside of me to want to learn more,” describing it as an “incredible” place.

“The whole theme of this trip is just like, ‘Man, this God is real and this place is a real place with real facts, with real people,” said rapper George Moss.

Others, like rap artist Propaganda, saw the trip as an opportunity to learn more about the current political climate in Israel.

“I guess it’s all like seeing it with my own eyes,” he said. “I am fascinated by geopolitics…I wanted to hear…what’s really happening on the ground. You hear what’s happening on the news, but what do the people feel? What do the people think and what’s the diversity of thought on the ground?”

One of the artist’s tour guides emphasized just how important Israel is for Christians, adding places like Jerusalem are filled with artifacts that confirm Biblical accounts.

“You believe in [the Bible] already, and billions of people around the world believe in it, too,” she said to the group of rappers. “But then there are people who don’t. They say, ‘No, I believe in things that are proven scientifically.’ This is the place where science and faith meet. Where I can hold a seal of a king written in this book and it’s not just a person in a story. He existed, and He existed here. And I can open up Psalms and I can see what they were talking about. And I can find walls and artifacts from people we believe in, and suddenly, this is a place that’s so important because you can come with your faith and you can come with your facts, and this is the place where they meet.”

The land of Israel, she added, “corroborates the Biblical story.”