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10 Worship Songs Perfect for Quiet Meditation


When we find ourselves drowning in the busyness of daily life, here are 10 profound worship songs to usher your heart into quiet meditation with God.

Meditation is defined as “contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, reflection, prayer.” In other words, it means to transfix our thoughts and hearts on God—to be attentive and aware of who He is and what He’s doing. As stated in Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” The call for stillness seems extraordinarily simple, yet often feels lofty and unreachable to many Christians in our daily lives. It’s interesting how many things compete with quiet time with God. Our peace is constantly at battle with the minutia of everyday life including laundry lists of to-do’s, anxious thoughts and disruptive texts before the day’s even begun.

Lately, I’ve found new ways to usher my heart into meditation with God. Music has for centuries been used to communicate with God, a channel to speak what’s unspoken. Music is an instrumental way to dial our focus and settle into stillness and meditation with the Creator of all things. I’ve collected songs that anchor perspective with simple, repetitive lyrics matched with sounds that both soothe and stir the spirit.

On excruciating days when we can barely spare a ourselves a single breath of rest – it’s when we need to seek time with Him all the more.

As each year passes, my deepening desire to know God has compelled me to seek quiet time with God every day. But the truth is, it’s a discipline I’m constantly learning to protect amidst busyness of life. We have to choose stillness and sacrifice ‘productivity’ by the world’s standards. On excruciating days when we can barely spare a ourselves a single breath of rest – it’s when we need to seek time with Him all the more. And that is a fight against our fleshly need to ‘do’ rather than ‘let go’.

Here are 10 worship songs perfect for quiet meditation.

1.Endless Alleluia
By: Cory Asbury

This quiet worship song details with profound precision the very act of awakening to worship God in our daily lives. “In the morning when I lift my eyes, you’re the only one I want to cling to. You’re the first thought on my mind” The lyrics take a peaceful stroll to describe awakening with worship to finding God’s miracles laced in our everyday musings. This song was made for meditative worship.

2. “Letting Go”
By Brandon Hampton & United Pursuit

“I’m letting go into the unknown with you.”  This song has recently snuck onto my playlist. From the gentle sounds of chimes and what sounds like a far-away train immediately brings you out of your physical reality. The lyrics themselves, a simple instruction to let go make this the perfect song for quiet time with God.

3. “What a Beautiful Name – Orchestral Selah”
By: Hillsong Church

You may not be familiar with this gorgeous instrumental version of the iconic worship song, “What a Beautiful Name.” With the mellifluous strings woven between rising and falling crescendos and gentle lyrics “You called my name before I know yours” – this song will stir your heart in a beautiful way.

4. Holy Spirit (Acoustic)”
By: Coffey Anderson

This beautiful cover of the popular worship tune strips down the music to reflect on its lyrics ushering in the Holy Spirit. “Holy Spirit you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.” The song’s intent to bring God’s presence into our midst breathes the cry of our busy hearts.

5. “I Love You Lord / Passion (Acoustic)
By: Hillsong Young & Free

In this creative mash-up by Hillsong Y&F the classic praise song “I Love You Lord” with “Passion” breathes an outpour of desire to see God’s glory. The central focus on God’s love helps anchor prayerful meditation on His word.

6. “Saturn”
By: Sleeping at Last

Sleeping at Last are known for their peaceful, meditative worship tunes. Their album “Atlas” tells the creation song by naming each part of the universe in his creation. The song “Saturn” beautifully declares “How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.” This song unearths the awe, wonder and vastness of God in a special way.

7. “P E AC E” (Acoustic Version)
By: Hillsong Young & Free

“Peace is a promise you keep.” This slow version of “P E A C E” urges you to focus on God’s promise of peace. The lyrics matched with piano and acoustic guitar create the perfect environment for restful reflection.

8. “11:47pm”
By: Montell Fish

This R&B infused worship tune carries the simple sentiment “Teach me how to love like you.”The cool beat and soulful lyrics make room for your mind and spirit to rest on God’s love.

9. “O Come to the Altar (Acoustic)”
By: Elevation Worship

This stripped down version of “O Come to the Altar” is another tune that beckons hearts and minds to surrender. The bridge, in particular, is a repeated declaration of His greatness “Oh what a savior, isn’t he wonderful. Sing Hallelujah, Christ is Risen.”

10. “Reckless / Even If”
By: Mass Anthem | Spotify Link HERE

This lesser known cover of the well-known song, “Reckless Love” is combined with “Even If.” This relaxed, acoustic version takes your heart into quiet contemplation of God’s love for us. The transition into “Even If” makes the bold declaration: “I know the sorrow, I know the hurt would all go away if you just say the word. But even if you don’t, my hope is you alone.”