A Quick and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume


With a busy schedule and Halloween quickly approaching, do you feel like you're running out of time to make a fab costume? Here's a last-minute outfit that's ah-meowzing!
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Happy Halloween! Oh, you don’t have a costume? Here’s a quick and easy kitty-themed Halloween costume that you can make on a budget—most likely with some things you already own. Even better: you can make this costume in less than an hour.

So, if you wind up with some last-minute plans, we’ve got your back. Meow!


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Supplies for cat ears:

  • plastic headband (black)
  • 2 sheets of craft felt (black and pink)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Supplies for cat makeup:

  • bronzer and highlighter
  • metallic eyeshadow
  • black eyeliner
  • mascara
  • lipstick

Cat Ears


1. Fold black felt in half and cut two 2-inch triangles out of the fabric. Next, fold the pink felt in half and cut two smaller triangles out of the fabric.


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2. Turn the pink triangles upside down and apply an even layer of hot glue around all three edges. Flip back over and glue to the center of the black triangles.


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3. Using your scissors, cut a tiny slit (about half an inch) from the bottom of the triangle toward the top of the pink triangle. Apply a small dot of glue on one side of the slit, and bend the triangle to glue the other side over the slit. This will help the ears to stand up and help them to look more 3D when you are wearing them.


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Photo by Ana Pierce/

4. Next, cut two 1-inch rectangles out of the black felt. These will become tabs to glue your ears to the headband.


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5. Apply a line of glue to one side of the tab, and attach it to the front of the triangle ears. Then, turn the ears upside down and lay your headband on top of them. Fold the bottom part of the tab up and around the headband and glue it together so the cat ear stands atop the headband. Repeat steps for both ears.


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Meow Makeup

This cat makeup can be more or less intense depending on how much you apply, but it’s a fun look that you can quickly apply. Also, you will most likely have these tools in your makeup bag already. If not, swap out the colors below with whatever you have on hand.

Cat costume capsule.

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Directions for cat makeup:

1. Start out by applying bronzer and highlighter on your face. For the most part, you’ll put highlighter on your T-zone and bronzer below your cheekbones, on your chin and anywhere else a cat’s face might naturally shadow. You can use an inspiration photo or just your imagination!

2. Apply some metallic eyeshadow, and don’t forget a cat eye. You can make a simple cat eye by using black eyeliner to draw wings on either side of your eyes.

3. Next, draw on a cat nose by applying black eyeliner in a triangle shape on your nose. For the whiskers, you can draw as few or as many lines beginning near your nose and extending toward your ears on either side of your face.

4. Don’t forget the lipstick! A fun, pink lipstick mimics a cat’s mouth and looks cute on you, too.

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