Puppy Saved From China Meat Trade Looks JUST Like Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda look-a-like pup originally rescued from a fate in China's meat trade is quickly becoming the internet's latest sensation.

Sweet puppy, Mork Skywalker, was originally rescued by Slaughterhouse Survivors from a fate in China’s vast meat trade before finding his forever home with animal rescuer Nikki Carvey.

It was Carvey who first noticed Mork’s undeniable resemblance to Baby Yoda from the Star Wars television series The Mandalorian—a look-a-like status that is gaining him worldwide fame, and one large social media following.

When Carvey was first alerted to a very large transfer of dogs saved from China’s meat trade, she was immediately drawn to the tiny and sickly Mork. “Weighing just [11 pounds] and very ill with intestinal problems, Mork was hospitalized and nearly died before making some progress and being flown (in the economy cabin, not cargo) to his new life in Los Angeles,” Huffington Post Australia reports.

Mork has since gained strength, weight and health in his new home, but still battles an array of congenital issues. It’s due to these recurring health problems that “Carvey refuses to run a DNA test, fearful that fans will attempt to replicate Mork. ‘The last thing I want people to do is re-create Mork because he is cute,’ she says, citing his congenital issues,” New York Post details.

A stance by Carvey that is admirable and many would say, needed.

So here’s to you, Mork—you and your adorable “Baby Yoda” face—as you draw further attention to China’s meat trade practices.