These Uncovered Truths from Psalm 16 Will Give You Goosebumps


When you take the time to really study it, Psalm 16 reveals gems that are sure to fill your heart with unwavering confidence and gratitude.


When reading devotionals, listening to sermons and studying the Bible, it’s inevitable that some verses will stick out more than others. A certain passage may strike your heart more deeply than others or perhaps a particular scripture permeated your mind more quickly than another. The power of words is immeasurable, especially words from the Bible!

For me, the scripture that stuck out was Psalm 16:8. I read these words, and my arms get goosebumps; I am moved by this passage, and I welcome its meaning into my life.

In fact, this scripture is written on a piece of paper and attached to the corkboard on my desk. This scripture is the screensaver on my phone. This scripture is also the one I share with loved ones in their time of need.

The books of Psalms is full of gems, really. These expressions of the heart easily stand out to others because people commonly feel connected by the spirit of worship through these poetic-like scriptures. My Bible is lovingly highlighted throughout Psalm, but I made sure to use a different color highlighter for 16:8.

“I have set the Lord always before me: because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved” (Psalm 16:8).

To know that Christ is always at my right hand fills me with unwavering confidence and gratitude. Thanks be to God, “I shall not be moved.” I am preserved, now and after I leave this Earth. So, as I wake up each morning, and I read this passage before starting my day, I delight in His name. Nothing nourishes my heart and mind the way God does—not money, not material possessions, not situations or circumstances. He is the ultimate treasure, and I trust that whatever happens to me comes from the hand of God. In fact, the whole psalm declares the role of God in our lives as our safest refuge and counselor, and in knowing this, I am filled with freedom, love and hope.

Psalm 16:8 paves the way for me to free myself of control—control of my future, control of my finances, control of my relationships and control of the unknown—because Lord knows I’ve tried to battle His power and take fate into my own hands, only to end up disappointed and lost. Thankfully, God has already chosen my fate, and I trust in His decisions.

Not only do I trust Him, but I willingly “set the Lord always before me.” He is sovereign! Admittedly, the unknown is scary. There are times I lie awake and wonder about the health, well-being and safety of my loved ones, my greatest concerns, yet I draw back to Psalm 16:8 in those times of fear and remind myself of His refuge. His word counsels and guides. Because I intentionally set the Lord before me, this scripture holds the power to bring comfort to wandering thoughts, times of confusion and moments of fear. No matter what we endure, feel and encounter, we are guarded by our Lord, not to be shaken or moved.

I know that Christ is always at my right-hand fills me with unwavering confidence and gratitude. Thanks be to God, “I shall not be moved.”

He is the ultimate bodyguard, protector and sanctuary. I am confident in the works of the Lord, and I am eternally grateful for this scripture that serves as a beautiful reminder of God’s goodness.