Priscilla Shirer: How the Enemy Convinces Us We’re Not Enough


If you feel in over your head, promoted before you feel ready or just "faking it till you make it" then Jesus is the answer.

The enemy works hard to ensure, to the best of his ability, that each and every one of us feels unfit to be used by God in mighty and impactful ways. We were born into a fallen state of shame, under the curse, yet now fully redeemed by the grace and blood of Jesus. The enemy no longer gets to tell us that we are unfit, unless we let him. The enemy is no longer allowed to point out our flaws, humanity and shortcomings, unless we let him. He’s no longer allowed to hold us back, unless we let him. For if he were, then Christ didn’t actually overcome anything on the cross. And well, that’s just not true.

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Author, evangelist and actor Priscilla Shirer drove this point home recently speaking to us out of Mark chapter one where Jesus is preaching in Capernaum. She highlights the difference between Jesus’ ministry and those of the learned Jewish scholars of the day. She points out that by the world’s standards of the time, much like they are for us, Jesus would have been considered unfit to lead and teach.

Shirer comments on Mark chapter one, “And [Jesus] begins to teach the people that are gathered. He didn’t have time to prepare. He didn’t have time to study. He didn’t have time to get a seminary degree. He just showed up and filled the need at hand. Jesus demonstrates to us that in order for us to be able to be a sign clearly to people—what we need is the exact same thing Jesus had on this occasion. We need supernatural ability to be married to our natural ability. We can’t just come in in our own skill and in our own power and think that we can fill the needs that are present to us.”

“We need what Jesus had! We need to be able to walk into that scenario in full confidence that ‘if my God has sent me then He will also equip me for the task at hand!'”

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Too many of us focus on what we lack instead of what we have. We have the literal King of the Universe as our teacher—His very spirit lives inside of us. When He calls, when He appoints, when He directs then He will be more than faithful to prepare, equip and fuel. He is faithful, and His faithfulness has nothing to do with what we bring to the table skill wise. He only requires that we bring Him a laid-down heart willing to listen, willing to see and willing to obey.

If you feel in over your head, promoted before you feel ready or just “faking it till you make it” then Jesus is the answer—He’s the one that can give us His supernatural ability and marry it to our ability. He alone is the one that promotes. He alone is the one that can be the answer to the needs all around us. And He desires to answer those needs through us laid down, willing vessels.